Sour Patch Kids


Coated in sugar,

Dyed deep blue,

Sour Patch Kids,

Enough with you!


Sugar Magnolia


Hey, you Deadheads. This post isn’t what it looks like.

By Sugar Magnolia, yes, I was referencing a song by the Grateful Dead. But I don’t really want Jerry Garcia or any other members (dead or alive) popping out of a vending machine when I put in my 50 cents.

Instead, I would love for a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village to appear from my vending machine. It would soo beat Redbox.

Sports are Boring


You might think my daily job is to undermine the Daily Prompt. It isn’t.

You might think I hate the Daily Prompt because somehow, twice in two days, I’ve come up with a way to write about something completely unrelated.

The other day I ruined the Freudian Slips prompt and discussed how irate I am with this whole Freud concept.

The next day I wrote a poem about how I don’t notice solstice, whereas the prompt was about how I celebrate solstice. If that was the prompt.

Today, the prompt is sporting events. Sports are boring.